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What if the Vacation Never Has to End?

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These exterior shades of blue are colors you might see in Key West. The colors seem to shout out a warm welcome to visitors. This beautiful home showcases how contrasting white trim can pop beautifully against a light, almost wistful lust-blue exterior, with added touches of stacked stones. But it’s beyond the dark blue door where the real surprises begin. This house has oodles of charm. Okay, time to go inside. Isn’t this fun? This is always my favorite part of being an interior designer.

As soon as I entered the front door, I immediately felt like I was inside a beach getaway. Case in point, first impressions is everything. Upon entering, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the décor. I couldn’t stop “oohing” and “aahing” over the catchy wooden signs, mermaids, and eclectic seaside collection. The colors of sea and shore throughout the open floorplan took what would be an otherwise regular room and transformed it into the coziest little beach hideaway. It almost made me feel as if I could hear calm lapping waves.   

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Many years ago, in 2005 to be exact, Kelli and her husband, Bradley, purchased this plot of land. Next, they had this tranquil seaside escape built just for them. The home isn’t a beachfront house on a sugar-white sandy beach with clear aqua water. No. The fact is, this house was built on a quiet cul-de-sac in Rotonda West, Florida. The nearest beach, Englewood beach, is only about nine miles away. Oh, if you’ve never been to Englewood beach on the Gulf of Mexico, please add it to your bucket list.

Kelli banished the cliché that there isn’t any reason why a beach style has to be a seasonal thing—she believes you can bring the natural colors and textures of the coast into your home year-round, no matter where you live. Kelli created a bright, sunshiny palette that draws upon nostalgic seaside vacation memories into their everyday life. Like some vacationers who would rather not follow an itinerary and just play it by ear, Kelli played by her own rules when it came to using her coastal decorating style. Kelli added a touch of humor to the look in unexpected places.

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You know that vacation feeling when you lie back on your beach towel, toes in the powdery sand, tropical sun on your face, and literally sigh? Well, that’s called the “Ahhh feeling.”  It’s important to make time or take a vacation to unplug, calm your mind and body, and take a break from the world. Kelli created that calming, “ahhh” seaside escape in their home. She chose a fun and colorful palette of calm and relaxing blue tones with rich corals.

On the center of the massive island was a large glass vase filled with a pearly shell collection, probably from long walks along beach shorelines. Speaking of island, Kelli found custom made bar stools. Not only do the distinctive colors capture the eye, but the stools are super comfy, which is really what matters.

Kelli wanted to keep her existing beadboard kitchen cabinets. Beadboard is made of rows of vertical planks with an indentation or ridge–known as a “bead”–in between each plank.  To make the home perfect, the homeowner wanted to replace the black granite countertops on the perimeter of her kitchen. She also desired a farmhouse sink.

This is where I came into the picture. I knew Cambria has plethora of color and style choices. And so, when I arrived to measure the sink base, I knew instantly the perfect color of countertop for Kelli’s kitchen. Without a shadow of doubt, Cambria’s gorgeous “Montgomery” would be absolutely amazing. You see, Montgomery quartz features soft whites, creams, and hints of pale blue swirled together with veins of seafoam green to create a beautiful, yet subtle countertop. The countertops provide that instant feel of sea, sky, and sand. When Kelli saw a large Montgomery sample, she too, agreed this was exactly the look she wanted. Kelli took matters into her own hands, when she shopped around and found the perfect subway tile backsplash from a big box store.

Take a look at the “after” kitchen pictures. It looks like a completely different kitchen! It was transformed without gutting the entire thing.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Perhaps that’s also true when it comes to design. It took several pros to strategically revamp this kitchen. Both of Just Counter’s talented skilled craftsmen, Ben Hanson and Tyler Mowatt, used their trade skills to modify the farmhouse sink base. The finished cabinet is gorgeous!  Just Counter’s Jeff Reed (who does a little bit of everything, but actually oversees the entire installation department), swapped out the sink base and set the farmhouse sink. Imex Stone replaced the black granite with Cambria Montgomery. Pucci Tile installed the subway tile.

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Whenever Kelli and Brad crave a much-needed getaway, but travel plans are impacted by the pandemic, they’re in luck. Their home feels like a vacation. It’s a perfect place for pausing, resting, and healing. 

And that’s it! See you in a week. 


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