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This is tried-and-true advice: Live in a space for a while before you remodel it. For Guy and Darlene, waiting two years seemed to have paid off, big time. When I first met with the homeowners in their ranch style home in North Port, Florida, we discussed their wants and needs. Our new customers were no longer happy with their tired-looking, dated kitchen that came with the house. They wanted a fresher, more modern look. The existing kitchen had white thermofoil cabinets, white appliances, dated laminate countertops, and a drop-in sink. It didn’t take me long to design a new kitchen for them. But when they saw the price tag, even though it was a modest one, they decided to wait.

“We have another house on the market. Let’s wait until that place sells before we remodel this kitchen,” Guy said. So, this project got put on hold.

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Two years later the homeowners, once again, contacted me at Just Counters & Other Stuff. Their previous house finally sold. They were now ready to take the plunge—but wanted to do so with a modest budget.

Dream big and keep a close eye on all the details, was Guy’s approach in remodeling their kitchen. Limited by the existing floor tile—which they never thought they’d ever change for incurring lots of additional expenses—they decided not to tinker with the overall configuration.

Guy indicated he wanted this kitchen to be the greatest kitchen they ever had. The homeowners didn’t want to settle for a cookie-cutter kitchen. “Our kitchen opens up to the dining room, so I want the cabinets to match our dining table and chairs.” The couple also wanted a simple, clean, modern look that would complement the dining room table and chairs.

When I designed the new kitchen, I wanted the after-meal cleanup to be a snap. I didn’t want for them to have to walk back and forth to a trash can. I pointed out how efficient it would be to have the sink, a concealed double trash can, and dishwasher right next to each other. Guy really liked this suggestion. He also wanted a utensil organizer to keep spatulas, spoons, and such within easy reach, but off their countertops. This would help to avoid large utensils getting tangled up, and taking up space in drawers.

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One of my favorite ways to add storage is using a blank wall. I created a “buffet wall” of cabinets for them. The glass-front centered cabinet would allow them to show off Darlene’s favorite dishes.

Nothing revives an old room like an energetic new color scheme. It took me awhile, but I ended up finding a near perfect cabinet color that matches the light maple wood dining set. Aspect Cabinetry discontinued their maple wheat color. But after contacting them, they had just enough material to build cabinets for this kitchen. Take a look at the “after” buffet wall of cabinets. This area became so much more useful. And look at all that storage they now have! There were a lot of other details that Guy insisted on having. These included crown and under cabinet light rail mouldings, that were also installed on the narrow soffit. And lastly, a custom refrigerator end panel with decorative doors to fit right underneath the soffit and wall cabinet. At the last minute Guy decided to splurge on new appliances and flooring throughout the open floorplan. Guy and Darlene get top marks on my kitchen renovation score card.

This job couldn’t have been completed without our talented guys: Jeff Reed, Tommy McCaffrey and Sam Zwack. I give an A+ mark to our incredible installers. Our clients gave each one of us the luxury to do what we do best. So when you have the right team in place, you end up with something spectacular.

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