In my opinion, interior design is a dream come true profession. By day, I work as a professional interior designer, specializing in kitchen and bath designs. I have created thousands of spaces that meet the styles, needs, and budgets of each client. Whether it’s designing a kitchen, bathroom, an office or laundry room, knowing that people will use it and how it will affect their lives, excites me. This is what I think about when I develop beautiful, inspirational designs. I go to work full of energy and enthusiasm even after having been in this profession for 19+ years. I get so much personal satisfaction when I visit my clients and I see them using and loving their new space. It brings me great joy to know that I designed that space just for them!

By night, I am a creative writer, who dreams about beautiful kitchen and bath designs. I am a published author of one book (so far). My projects have been featured in numerous Kitchen and Bath Makeover by Better Homes and Garden magazines, Columbus Monthly Home & Garden magazine, Herald-Tribune Style magazine, and a published author in Woman’s World magazine. As every successful interior designer will tell you, the chance of being featured in a national magazine is slim. But then, I will also tell you that the very first time my design work was published in Kitchen and Bath Makeover by Better Homes & Garden magazine, it was exhilarating. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many times my work has been featured, it never stops being exciting.

These are my passions, both of which allow me to connect with others despite my hearing disability. I lost my hearing overnight as a twelve-year-old. Over the years I learned not only how to overcome the challenge of being deaf, but I have also found a way to embrace it. Contrary to what many might assume, being deaf never stops an ambitious person from being who she is and achieving her dreams. I feel my disability has not hindered me but has allowed me to visualize even more!

Displayed on my website for your pleasure and inspiration are photographs and stories of some of my finished design work. While the designs are indeed mine, I want to give credit to teams of craftsmen as well. Behind every renovation is a hardworking team of artisans that strives for one thing: executing a successful project. All the photographs on my website are my original designs.

I love being an interior designer and writer. I am also very proud of what I do. I hope you will feel my passion and enjoy the creativity contained within.



Portrait by:

Laura Sigley Photography