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Armstrong after

Elephant in the Room

The expression “elephant in the room,” according to the internet, means a big issue everyone is aware of, but which is being ignored, because everybody …

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Susan after 3

Making a Fresh Start

There’s something irresistible about a fresh start. The opportunity to reset feels like a breath of fresh air, especially after a particularly stressful year. I’m …

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Kelli after 1

What if the Vacation Never Has to End?

These exterior shades of blue are colors you might see in Key West. The colors seem to shout out a warm welcome to visitors. This …

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Simple, Clean, Modern Look

This is tried-and-true advice: Live in a space for a while before you remodel it. For Guy and Darlene, waiting two years seemed to have …

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Caroline after 1

Classic Charm

Caroline wanted to move to not only a great place, but an affordable one. “I looked at this house and liked it. Then I came …

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Sue Baldwin wall of windows

A House of Stone

Sometimes you walk into a house and you instantly fall in love. This welcoming beachy décor seemed to give me a big hug as soon …

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St. Joseph dug up

Selling Your Home with A Little Help from St. Joseph

After our team from Just Counter’s & Other Stuff finished remodeling a kitchen in a ranch-style home, the homeowners hired a good real estate agent. …

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Waldron after 1

Gorgeous Kitchen with Double Stacked Cabinets

We’ve all heard it before… first impressions matter. They really do. In fact, they matter – a lot! They say it only takes 7 seconds …

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Khan after 1

A Bright, Beautiful, Unique Kitchen

I am aghast. How aghast? Well, I am pretty certain that I’ve never used the word “aghast” in a sentence before. That’s how aghast I …

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Judith kitchen

Walls Are Meant To Come Down

Face it: in a lot of older houses, walls separated rooms, and got in the way. That was certainly the case for Gary and Judith. …

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Alex after 3

First Time House Flippers

All you have to do is watch an episode of any poplar house-flipping TV show to get why it’s so appealing. Practically any thirty-minute segment …

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Monoka after

Wow with Backsplash Tile

I hope you’re keeping well and safe with the ever-changing and ongoing COVID-19 situation. It is my sincere hope that in these trying times you …

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