Interior design tells a story, a visual narrative of merging spaces with living souls. It is a reflection of a person’s heart within the walls of a home.

These are my stories borne out of my experiences as an interior designer.

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Mothers' Day 1

Homemade Gifts for Mothers’ Day

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach with some tasty treats, but the way to a mom’s heart is …

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From “Whoa” to “Wow”

The first time I met with our new customers, I had to patiently wait for a massive iron gate to open. As the electronic gate …

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Sylvia AFTER

The Beautiful Kitchen Makeover in a Manufactured Home

Picture your retirement quickly approaching. Now picture the location of where you want your house to be during your retirement years. Our soon-to-be-retired customer, Sylvia …

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Michele’s beautiful work has been featured in leading design and lifestyle magazine publications.

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People often say, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” In a deeply personal and poignant book Michele Rose-Sprunk writes about her Mediterranean cruise: witty, exciting and unforgettable.

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“You have a special gift of being able to see beyond the ordinary and making a room look extraordinary.” – Jeff & Beth M.

“Our search to find the right designer ended when we found you! .” – Matt & Lee Z.

“You, my dear, are amazing! In so many ways! Thank you for your expert design service, patience, support and encouragement. Keep doing what you’re doing.” – Marcia C.

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