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Selling Your Home with A Little Help from St. Joseph

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After our team from Just Counter’s & Other Stuff finished remodeling a kitchen in a ranch-style home, the homeowners hired a good real estate agent. The home was in a small, tightknit community where nobody ever moved in or out, if they could help it. The house sat on a quiet cul de sac. Happy children rode bikes gracefully on the beautifully landscaped street. Knowing all this, I phoned my clients to suggest they bury a statue of St. Joseph so that he could help sell their home. Neither one of them had heard about this practice.

Many believe, including me, that if you bury a smallish statue of Saint Joseph, he will help you sell your home. The Joseph I’m talking about here is that Joseph. You know— Mary’s carpenter husband, and earthly father of Jesus. I grew up with the traditions of my grandmother’s Catholic faith. You have to bury the statue in the yard in front of the house, in a favorable spot close to the “For Sale” sign.

While on the phone I explained, “All it takes is proper burial along with a humble prayer and then wait for the outcome. St. Joseph’s purpose is to help your house sell faster. St. Joseph helped sell my Ohio home in an all-cash deal in 10-days.”

“But we are on our way back to North Carolina,” the homeowner replied.

I told him that I had a statue of St. Joseph and would be more than happy to help them. All I asked in return is that they call me when the house sells. They appreciated my help and gave me permission to bury St. Joseph.

I was careful when I dug the optimal burying place. The last thing I wanted was to burst a water or sewer pipe or cut through an electric or cable TV line. Grave digging is an activity many be loath to contemplate, let alone do. They’re a vanishing breed. Digging graves by hand is a dying art. Most cemeteries now use large equipment. I could certainly see why.

It was a humid day, and the yard was rock hard. I couldn’t imagine digging a 6-foot grave by hand in a cemetery. Thankfully in this case, I wasn’t digging an actual grave, just a simple hole deep enough to bury St. Joseph. After I managed to dig a 12-inch hole next to the “For Sale” sign, I properly placed the statue upside down with his feet pointed to heaven and his face toward the house. Many believe that burying the statue upside down will motivate him to free himself to get out of the hole, by getting the house sold. And then I recited a prayer that I still had from St. Joseph’s real estate kit. I don’t think it matters what you pray, just as long as you pray for St. Joseph’s help, asking for his intercession with God.

BOOM! Bang-0-Wango! Guess what happened? It wasn’t long before the homeowners got an offer for more than the asking price and the house was sold! I brought my garden shovel when I returned to the house. You see, any time a house is sold you’re supposed to unbury St. Joseph and place him in a place of honor in your new home.  

I rang the doorbell. Instantly a pretty woman swung the front door wide open. A young boy—maybe 8 or 10-year-old—stood next to her. I introduced myself. Then I said, “May I have your permission to dig a hole by the “For Sale” sign? I need to unbury St. Joseph. Suddenly the young boy scooted closer to the woman and looked at me like I’d lost my mind. He had a horror-struck expression of disbelief on his small face. The new homeowner granted me permission. Just how complicated it was going to be to find St. Joseph, I was about to find out.

The young boy watched me through window from the safety of his home. First, I had to locate the burial site, and then it took me another 10 or 15 minutes to unearth St. Joseph. I carefully tunneled into earth’s hardened clay. The last thing I wanted to do was damage my sentimental statue. Finally, I saw an end result. As soon as I caught sight of St. Joseph, I gently swept away the rest of the dirt by hand. I carefully removed the statue from the hole and as I wiped off chunks of dirt, I thanked him. Then I held the statue up for the captivated young spectator who was breathlessly gazing at me. He smiled. He probably was extraordinarily relieved to see that Saint Joseph was just a statue.

After St. Joseph’s intercession to help sell a house, it is customary to display the statue you buried in your new home. So, I thoroughly washed the smallish statue of Saint Joseph with soap and water (he however, still has a minuscule amount of dirt still left in his ears). I have him displayed on a shelf in my home office. Whenever I look at the statue, I feel much gratitude and reverence.

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Oh, what a year it has been. And throughout it all, home has been our constant source of comfort and security. After all, there’s no place like home. See you next week.


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