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I’ve been pretty glued to the news these days, safe in my home, and I’m very aware that I am so lucky compared to many others. I see the sacrifices and dedication of healthcare professionals and others on the front line. So, I will never complain about having to work, and stay at home. Designing and writing serves as a distraction for me. I hope my blog site might be a distraction for you, too.

I had customers that were primarily looking to remodel their kitchen. “Why” is a good story, but too long for this space. Rather than discussing why the homeowners decided to remodel their kitchen, let’s focus on the end result.

My car to “Heaven” left Port Charlotte at 8:30 a.m. Heaven, it turns out, is just about a one-hour drive south, to Fort Myers, Florida. Mitchell’s and Traci’s house qualifies as heaven in a number of ways. So, you can see why I don’t mind visiting my clients after the project was completed. It’s always one of the best parts of my job.

Situated about three miles off an old country road I arrived at Mitchell’s and Traci’s home. It sits graciously on an estate measuring close to 14 acres. You can’t see the house from the mailbox because of a long, winding driveway that sets the home back from the road. Mitchell’s and Traci’s home is situated behind the modern ranch-style wooden automatic swing gate, which provides plenty of privacy for the homeowners. This quite handsome driveway gate suggests that a magnificent estate lies ahead. And the gate did exactly what it was engineered to do. After I used a passcode on a keypad the gate swung wide open. Talk about an impression! I proceeded through the opened gate to a long winding asphalt driveway, set against a plethora of trees, shrubs, and tropical plants of all different varieties, as a glorious backdrop. As I approached the house, the winding driveway formed into a circular shape in front of Mitchell’s and Traci’s one-of-a-kind residence. There was brick paver pathway that led the way to the front door. Visitors, like me, are greeted by a beautiful Zen garden with massive-sized flower pots along the front of the home.

”Maybe I don’t really want to go inside — the fun would be over,” I thought to myself. My thoughts continued, “When I win the lottery one day, I want to have a long driveway like this one. Just driving through this everyday would make me feel calm and peaceful.”

The homes we live in tell a story and the older the house, the more stories it has to tell. Mitchell’s and Traci’s residence is a resort-like getaway that they call home sweet home. I imagine, this twenty-year-old home, would have plenty to say.

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Once inside the home, and immediately off to the right of the foyer, I was welcomed into Mitchell’s and Traci’s newly remodeled kitchen. Instantaneously, my eyes landed on the hearth structure over the cooktop which evoked flavors of a Tuscan-style kitchen. The big decorative wooden hood with the added tile mosaic behind the cooktop topped it off like a maraschino cherry on a sundae.

How about if we stopped here a moment to break off a hot piece of a baguette before we continue? And perhaps sip some wine.

This kitchen is for big get-togethers. There’s absolutely nothing left to be desired in this beautiful room. Before I designed the kitchen, Traci had already selected the Windsor flush inset door style from Shiloh Cabinetry with dark sable stain and black glaze. People usually want to make their old cabinets look new, but not Traci. She wanted her new cabinets to look old. She chose to have an aged character technique (random and inconsistent worm holing, gouging, wearing, and rock dents) applied to all the new cabinets. The new kitchen was designed with double stacked wall cabinets that went to the ceiling. The upper wall cabinets with Vecchio euro decorative glass have flip open doors. And yes…the homeowners need a ladder to reach them.

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Although this new kitchen had an ambiance of an “Old World” gem, there was plenty of room for new-world technology — including an induction cooktop and a microwave drawer. Traci’s Cambria Nevern countertop choice and farmhouse sink gave this new kitchen a been-around-awhile attitude.

When the house was built the kitchen came with a pantry closet that didn’t function well. Sure, it had some shelves, but they were spaced poorly and didn’t even come with full-depth shelves which left a lot of empty and wasted space, especially at the very top of the closet. To find things, the homeowners had to stoop, bend, and reach to the back of the closet like climbing into a deep black hole. Everything got lost in the back and became useless. In the new kitchen design the inefficient closet was replaced with two tall pantry cabinets to match the new cabinetry. The roll out trays slide out so the homeowners can see and find things so much easier now. No more black holes!

The kitchen was designed with frieze trim and crown molding at the top of the wall cabinets. But we wanted to truly customize Mitchell’s and Traci’s entire room. With their keen eye to detail, Jeff Reed and Tyler Mowatt continued the crown moldings on the perimeter of the room’s ceiling. This added depth, detail, and richness. And if you’ve ever done any finish woodwork, you would understand the complexity of crown molding. Both crown and baseboard moldings transformed this room! Jeff and Tyler from Just Counters & Other Stuff did an absolute amazing job installing this unique kitchen. Pucci Tile & Marble provided and installed the beautiful tile backsplash.

Our clients gave each of us the luxury to do what we do best. So, when you have a talented team in place, you end up with something spectacular (like this stunning kitchen).

Stay safe and well everyone. Have a great week.

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