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If you found your way to my blog, maybe its fate or maybe it’s because you enjoy reading design blogs. Whatever guided you, I’m glad you’re here. I’m about to reveal an amazing kitchen transformation. For my loyal weekly readers, I feel like I’ve mentioned “amazing” one too many times before, so I probably deserve all the eye rolls for using this adjective another time. But, read on because you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a fan of light finishes, then you will most likely love this kitchen, just as much as I do.

The open floorplan in Robert’s & Terri’s home is well suited to their casual entertaining lifestyle. Windows let in plenty of light and shows off backyard trees. A 12-foot-long dining table fits with ease. A large kitchen island provides a place to gather.

But the 1991 home didn’t always flow with such ease. Nosiree.

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Here I should note that I felt like I hit the jackpot with this awesome project. I must tell you that our clients, Robert and Terri, were absolutely incredible to work with. They trusted me 100%. They were confident in my ability to create the kitchen they envisioned. I cannot begin to thank them enough for that.

Before the renovation, Robert’s and Terri’s kitchen was dark and dated. Rather than the existing brown, the homeowners wanted a cool white color palette with clean lines in a contemporary style. Worse than the color palette, the kitchen had a peninsula separating it from the adjacent dining room. The kitchen layout was awkward and felt smaller than the neighboring dining room.

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Renovation goals included taking the wall cabinets to the ceiling, getting rid of the peninsula, and designing a massive island, adding a farmhouse sink, and flipping the location of the refrigerator. By doing this, it would create a more open layout and improve the functionality. The key to a great kitchen island is making sure it fits the space you have. By relocating the refrigerator to a different wall, there was now plenty of room to add the island. I kept other elements like the stove and sink where they were, cutting out the need for changes to water lines.

Why was it important to these homeowners to take their cabinets to the ceiling? Look above your cabinets. Is there a blank space up there collecting dust? Maybe you’re ignoring it or planning to get up there with a vacuum in the next few years. I’m going to warn you: when you eventually get around to vacuuming, it’s going to be gross!

One of this generation’s trends (not “trendy” trend but more of a new way to do things) is to take the upper cabinets to the ceiling. I don’t literally mean that the cabinet doors scrape the ceiling, but the crown moulding will be installed so there is no open space between the cabinets and the ceiling. In this case, we carried the crown all around the perimeter of both, kitchen and dining room. The crown moulding would help unite the two rooms with a more cohesive feeling.

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Accommodating our clients’ request, we used Shiloh Cabinetry’s simple white Shaker flush inset style cabinets. The kitchen island turned out to be a dream come true for Robert and Terri. The huge island added stylish storage, additional prep space, and seating to what will be the most popular gathering space in the home. Adding interest to the cool, neutral palette, we choose Cambria Berwyn quartz for the countertop. Nothing says luxury like beautiful Cambria. It’s manmade in the USA, and nearly bulletproof. This material is wonderful for busy people like Robert and Terri, or for those who don’t want to deal with any kind of maintenance. With a kitchen island like this, Robert and Terri will have a hard time getting guests to the table!

If you think white subway tiles are boring, it’s time to rethink subway tiles. They are no longer boring. We selected white beveled subway tile instead of the regular flat ones. Paired with crisp white cabinets, the new tile backsplash creates a seamless flow down to the countertops. The beveled tiles with gray grout turned this empty wall space into a dramatic-looking focal point.

A freestanding stainless steel refrigerator sits between two tall pantries. Both pantries have four roll out trays. The homeowners really wanted to keep things organized and tucked away. This beautiful kitchen features an open floorplan that leaves more than enough space to easily navigate around. This design also says luxury from start to finish, all the way from wood floors to the trio globe pendants above the island.

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The homeowners wanted to remodel their laundry room at the same time. The former laundry room was a far cry from what they wanted. Robert and Terri wanted a more luxurious laundry room that would provide much more function than their previous one, which both homeowners had used frequently. They wanted to streamline and minimize the look to go with a more contemporary feel, especially since this room could be seen from the kitchen. The laundry room served as a drop-off when coming and going, as it was situated between the garage and the kitchen. We removed the closet and installed cabinets deep enough to store two concealed laundry baskets. We created a hanging/drying area for clothing straight from the washer or dryer. To carry the same decorative style as the kitchen, we used the same cabinetry and countertop as in the laundry room.

We had a great team for getting this project completed and to meet the clients’ expectations and timeline. Just Counters & other stuff’s consciousness and talent cabinet installers, Tommy McCaffrey and Pat Brun did an outstanding job. Many compliments go to Mike Progl, president at Coral Coast Construction. When work was being done, he showed up to check on progress, inspect his crew’s work, and made sure that Robert and Terri were satisfied with how things were being done. Imex Stone fabricators and installers were dedicated to delivering and installing all the countertops. They did a fantastic job. Pucci Tile and Marble, Inc. did a fabulous job on the backsplash. All of these guys did some truly brilliant work and prove that they are artisans. Thank you for being the dream team and for acing this project.

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Meet me back here next week. In the meantime, I’m open to feedback. Let me know what you think.


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