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The first time I met with our new customers, I had to patiently wait for a massive iron gate to open. As the electronic gate gently closed behind my vehicle, I was welcomed by lush, tropical landscapes and fountains. The incredible landscapes were impeccably maintained. Vivante is a gated community located on the Gulf of Mexico in Punta Gorda, Florida. The charming and thriving community still features cobblestone streets, lined with royal palm trees, and gas street lamps contributed by the town’s earliest settlers. There were thirteen Mediterranean-style buildings with stunning Italian seaside architecture. It’s a premier boating and fishing destination on Florida’s southwest coast. I rode an elevator to reach the floor of our clients’ condo. After I entered the front door, I was greeted with a sweeping view of the stunning, pristine Peace River. I can only imagine the dramatic sunrises and sunsets the homeowners get to see on a daily basis.

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After a headhunter’s job offer that couldn’t be refused, Arno and Marcy relocated from Georgia to this condo. At the time of purchase, the price was right because it needed some TLC. The papers were signed and the keys were in Arno’s and Marcy’s hands. It was an exciting moment when they unlocked the front door to their condo for the first time. Everything was vacuumed and clean. But Arno and Marcy, both working professionals, were super excited about making their new condo feel like their own. The new condo owners replaced the wall-to-wall carpeting with stunning wood-look planks. They decided to repaint a few rooms. Because, you know, as long as the carpet is coming out, you might as well paint walls. It wasn’t long before all the rooms in their home were pretty much finished, except for their master bath. Bathroom layouts can be difficult at times, but a small master bathroom can be specifically challenging. This was where I came into the picture.

The existing master bath had unsightly wallpaper. There was a rarely-ever-used garden tub. They had “his” and “her” vanities, but both were screaming for storage! Arno wanted to know if I could make this master bathroom feel more open, airy, and inviting. They wanted a beautiful, minimalist master bath with much-needed storage.

A small master bathroom may seem like an impossible scenario. But, nothing is impossible with a well-planned layout. I designed the minimalist master bath featuring wall hung cabinets to create more space and to give the illusion of a bigger bathroom. I wanted the cabinets to be space saving and float off of the floor. I created tall towers on each end of the undermount sinks. I planned to use the open wasted space in the water closet for double stacked wall cabinets. All of these cabinets would provide Arno and Marcy with a smart storage system.

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First we had to remove the garden tub. Next up was the ugly wallpaper.  Wallpaper removal isn’t an easy job. It can be tedious, time consuming, and a generally messy undertaking — especially if it has been there for a long time. We removed the dated light fixtures and wall mirrors. We closed off the curved wall recessed niches, added new drywall, taped, textured, and painted the entire master bath and water closet. The homeowners selected white paint with just a hint of light gray. Then we installed slab-style cabinets from Aspect Cabinetry to give the homeowners a sleek and contemporary look that they were looking for. The drawers and doors in the cabinetry have soft close features. The cabinet paint color is “Indigo” which was a bold and brilliant choice made by Marcy.

We left enough space for a future freestanding tub; if/when they are ready. Meanwhile the self-cleaning futuristic-looking litter box fits perfectly in this space.

LG Hi-Macs® solid surface countertops are extremely hardwearing and durable. The color we used, Terrazzo Moderna, offers a distinct look. The countertops look like industrial concrete with small acrylic marbled chips. We installed white porcelain undermount sinks.

In order to save money, the homeowners decided to keep the existing white tiles on the shower walls. Tile can be costly, after all. So to minimize the number of tiles, the homeowners decided to concentrate only on the shower floor, which is a high-impact zone. We removed the existing shower floor tiles. Then we installed Tesoro Bark Hex Aspen shower floor tiles. The hexagon shaped tiles have a combination of shades of beautiful blue, white, and warm grey. We removed the previous bathroom floor tile and then installed thick waterproof interlocking luxury vinyl wood-look planks. The color is “Barkwood Walnut.”

The homeowners found the contemporary wall mounted light fixtures in Fort Myers. Arno took on the challenge and installed the light fixtures himself. He gets an A+ in my book!

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While guest bathrooms in most homes these days are all about standard vanities and faucets, Arno and Marcy were aiming for something more modern with some sleek curves and smart shapes. Edging away from the conventional, Arno found this really cool and funky pedestal sink online. It’s a bit of a spin on a standard sink and offered an elegant solution to spice up an otherwise-ordinary bathroom. Arno ordered it in the hopes of a do-it-yourself install. But when it arrived, it clearly was going to be a challenge to install it. The opening in the back of the pedestal sink didn’t line up with the plumbing in the wall. Mark Kemeny, the owner of Just Counters, solved the plumbing solution with great success.

Arno also purchased this funky, awesome new faucet.  When Arno first showed me the cool faucet, it left me stunned for a moment. The cool single handle chrome finish faucet has a waterfall effect. This faucet had to the brainchild of someone with a great sense of humor—who else would have come up with such a clever idea?

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I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the professionals who worked on this project. Aaron Shaffer made the vanity tops and Tommy McCaffrey installed the cabinetry. Both guys are multi-talented and from Just Counters & other stuff, inc. The shower floor tiles and master bath flooring were installed by the pros from Pucci Tile & Marble. Rick Ilmberger from Suncoast Glass Mirror, Inc. located in Port Charlotte installed the custom shower door and mirrors. Without their help, this amazing makeover would not have been possible

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Are you ready to create a transition in your master bathroom? Contact Just Counters & other stuff, inc. See you next week.


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