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Coronavirus has upended our world. However, I’m pleased to announce I have something to anticipate that’s not a Netflix special, a package delivery, or bedtime. When I’m overwhelmed by the 24/7 hurricane of COVID-19 news, I find comfort in design inspirations. Keep reading for details.

The other day I was flicking back through my overstuffed portfolios. I know you readers love to read and see transformations that go from eyesore into eye-catching. There’s nothing like seeing the “after” photos, right next to the “before” photos, to appreciate just how far they’ve come and what they’ve achieved. Hold you hands up if you’re in need of a pick-me-up inspiration or a distraction from what’s happening all around our world.

I want to share this gorgeous kitchen makeover with you. I felt like I hit the jackpot with this awesome project that was done many years ago. I still recall how amazing the clients were. Working with Jody on her kitchen had been a heckuva lot of fun. When the homeowner contacted me, at Blue Creek Cabinet Company, she knew exactly what she wanted. You see, Jody had been contemplating details for a very long time. So, when it came time to pull the trigger to remodel her kitchen, she had a very specific idea of what she really wanted. I must add that she also had excellent taste and a great appreciation for design.

The homeowners’ existing kitchen was rather sad, drab and very brown. You don’t need to have an eye for design to see that this kitchen needed a little love, and perhaps some much needed light. The homeowners wanted to keep costs down by maintaining the original footprint of the kitchen. However, one of the most annoying parts of the kitchen was the location of the cooktop. It was located in the existing island, but its location made it outside of a “work triangle” configuration. Furthermore, the homeowner wanted to replace the electric cooktop with gas. Both the homeowners also wanted to make better use of the desk area. Jody and her husband, Larry, seldom used the desk. That countertop was a catchall for everything, and was always cluttered. Take a closer look at the ‘before’ photograph and you’ll see a tall wrought iron shelf to the right of the double oven. The homeowners longed to replace that desk unit with bookcases and adequate storage.

Jody was tired of her current dark kitchen. The minute Jody researched Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry; she was drawn to their beaded inset door style. She liked the look of Maple cabinets painted butter cream with exposed butt hinges in sterling nickel. She wanted to have a place to store her beautiful dishes and glassware so she chose to have a lot of glass on the doors with matching interiors.

We designed some closed storage to keep it all neatly managed where the desk used to be. We replaced the seldom used writing desk with large, deep drawers. Above the drawer bases, we placed open cabinetry for books and/or accent pieces. As you can see in the ‘after’ photo, the area became so much more functional.

There were butcher block countertops with full-height faux wood laminate backsplash in the existing kitchen. Jody wanted to apply this kitchen design tip: mixed countertop surfaces can be incredibly practical as well as make a dramatic design statement. This gorgeous remodeled kitchen is a perfect example of mixing two countertop colors with two entirely different materials. Corian solid surface countertops were installed on the perimeter of the kitchen with a straight edge treatment. Granite, with an ogee edge, was used on the island. Speaking of the island, the cooktop was flipped to the opposite side of the island from its original position.


Jody’s kitchen was designed with total functionality in mind. The tall double oven cabinet was designed with a warming drawer below. Jody wanted cabinet accessories such as rollout trays, double sliding cutlery dividers, a concealed waste basket, a working drawer at the bottom of the sink base, and a revolving lazy Susan.

Wallpaper can be daunting to shop for, commit to, and hang. But let me tell you, trying to find discontinued wallpaper has got to be one of the most frustrating quests known to man. That’s exactly what happened to Jody. I remember how frustrating the situation was when she had been frantically searching to find a specific pattern only to come up empty every time. She discovered they no longer made it—the particular pattern she wanted had been discontinued. This required her to search high and low for another choice. She knew how important it was to pick the perfect pattern because it would really make the room. I love, love, love the pattern she came up with.

This led to having to change her backsplash choices as well, since the original glass tiles were supposed to play off the pattern and colors of the first selection of wallpaper. Ultimately, Jody found something she could love and live with for years to come.

All Jody’s research and hard work paid off. This kitchen makeover is clean, bright, and shiny. There’s plenty of light available in this kitchen. The multiple lights bounce off shiny surfaces: glass, countertops, appliances and subway tiles. The butter cream cabinets look so much fresher than the former dark wood ones. The homeowner’s wise kitchen decisions haven’t become dated after all these years. Jody’s trick was to incorporate timeless kitchen design elements that wouldn’t soon go out of style. This kitchen renovation was done 13-plus-years ago! Amazing transformation…right? I know!!

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