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Just before I retired, my new coworker, Sherri Johnson and I visited with George and Shannon in their home. The long country drive took us to a phenomenal location. We located the oh-so-petite house nestled along the banks of its namesake, Shell Creek RV Resort, on the outskirts of Punta Gorda. George and Shannon moved from North Carolina to this peaceful and relaxing mobile home. They’ve always had big houses and now they wanted to consider a different lifestyle. They liked the idea of living in a smaller, but fabulous place such as in this 55-plus community of active adults. The backyard seen from a screened-in room offers memorable scenery and is a true escape from the daily grind. Sherri and I affectionately nicknamed this potential project: “fish camp.” Shell Creek RV Resort is a mecca for those who love the outdoors. It’s no wonder there were amazing places to park an RV and go camping.

After we arrived Shannon told us that she wanted to update the kitchen. She wanted it to be more efficient. She disliked the existing closet that had currently been used as a makeshift pantry. George and Shannon cook a lot and they wanted more counter space by the range. And last, but not least, they wanted the island to be different. The existing island had no extra room for friends and family to congregate. So, the outdated kitchen was ready for an overhaul.

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Sherri and I went straight to work. We came up with ideas to create a sumptuous, yet practical space. With the right design tips and tricks, Sherri and I turned a small kitchen into a cheerful and functional space. We wanted to give the L-shaped kitchen the illusion of a bigger area. An L-shaped kitchen is known as one of the most efficient layouts because they have two adjacent walls with cabinetry. The new L-shaped design was filled with storage. We removed the closet. We created a new “pantry.” We wanted the new island to be the main focal point within the space. One of the two island cabinets facing the range has a concealed double wastebasket and the other has roll out trays. The new island provides ample worktop space and seating for four people, as well as the perfect spot for entertaining.

Five weeks have passed since the powerful and dangerous storm hit southwest Florida. Hurricane Ian hammered Florida with such ferocity that it wiped out whole neighborhoods, tossed boats onto highways, swept away beaches and swamped homes in roof-deep waters. With sustained winds of 150 mph, it was one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit southwest Florida. The day Sherri and I returned to see George and Shannon’s new kitchen it was like a tale of two mobile home parks just a couple hundred yards apart. The community right next door to Shell Creek RV Resort had mobile homes that were unrecognizable. We saw homes that were totally destroyed. Gone. Demolished. It’s hard to put into words when you see homes that were pulverized by Hurricane Ian’s 150 mph winds. It hurt my heart to see the devastation.

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And then when we entered Shell Creek RV Resort some trailers appeared to have only minor wind and flood damage, but on the surface they looked mostly untouched. Thankfully George and Shannon’s home was spared. It appeared that Shell Creek residents dodged a big bullet. But the other residents in the neighborhood next door weren’t as fortunate. 

When I look at the “before” pictures I am reminded of what the kitchen used to look like seven months ago. Fast forward the new kitchen is so beautiful. Sherri guided Shannon with the perfect cabinet selection. They selected American-made Koch Cabinets. The door style is Bristol with a frontier stain. Frontier is a character dye stain that has variation in tones, which makes this kitchen picture-perfect.

Tyler Mowatt did an awesome job installing the cabinets. There isn’t a job that Tyler hasn’t seen or a problem he hasn’t solved. And Aaron Shaffer removed the existing fluorescent lights and installed a new ceiling fan and under cabinet lighting. Aaron wears many hats and has a great understanding of making solid surface countertops, installing lighting and plumbing. Just Counters & other stuff, inc. team did an amazing job. This kitchen looks super!

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Shannon selected quartzite for her countertops. Quartzite countertops are a type of natural stone that can have different colors white and gray threaded through. She picked a color called “Everest White.” Everest White quartzite is quarried in Brazil.

Stone Art Creation’s team did a fantastic job installing the beautiful quartzite countertops.

Shannon wanted the cabinet hardware to be a perfect marriage of classic style with some tradition, with clean lines. She ultimately chose the Richelieu transitional metal knobs in brushed oil-rubbed bronze. They’re more beautiful in person.

The ceramic tile backsplash is Justeer Collection by Glazzio Tiles. The color name: Ducal Palace. Backsplash tile will help protect kitchen walls from water stains and heat damage. This beautiful eye-catching backsplash will become the talking point of guests!

Pucci Tile & Marble, Inc. did a great job installing the backsplash.

I can’t get over how well the cabinets, backsplash, and countertops complement each other. Sherri and Shannon did a fantastic job with the selections. This is just the kitchen that our wonderful clients were hoping for!

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Looking for some gorgeous, semi-custom built cabinets for your home or office? Give Just Counters & other stuff, inc. a call today. With so much experience under their belts, and a firm reputation within the industry and community, I’m confident that Just Counters will help you achieve the room of your dreams.


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