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People move to Florida for multitude of reasons, but three most common ones are for the lifestyle, slow-paced retirement, and weather. When Robert and Lorraine relocated from New Hampshire to the sunshine state they purchased a picture-perfect two-bedroom, two bath condo. However, the condo had an awkward empty wall space in the dining room. This is where I came into the picture.

Long gone are the days when furniture wood pieces had to be all the same finish. You might be old enough to remember buying all the pieces of your dining and living room in one collection or set. Thank goodness we are finally free from the so called “rule” that said our furniture had to be matchy-matchy. Gone are the days of the dining room set consisting of a perfectly matched table, chairs, and buffet. In its time it was certainly beautiful, but today there are so many interesting and far less expensive options for decorating a room. This dining room is a perfect example.

I am a fan of having a buffet, especially when you have an awkward wall space in the dining room like Robert and Lorraine had. A buffet can finish off and anchor a room. What’s not to love about a piece of furniture that is beautiful to behold? One of the best reasons to have a buffet is the additional furniture piece will give you lots of room to store all those extra dishes and whatnots.

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I designed the buffet wall with Aspect Cabinetry. We used a raised panel door style that looked similar, but did not perfectly match the existing kitchen cabinets. I planned the middle wall cabinet to have two glass doors.

But the wall cabinets almost didn’t happen. You see, Lorraine was having second thoughts the day Mark Kemeny, the owner of Just Counters, arrived at our customers’ condo. Mark had an appointment to re-measure the room (“measure twice; cut once” has always been Mark’s motto). “I’m not sure I want to have any wall cabinets above the buffet,” Lorraine told Mark.

Mark replied, “Well, that’s entirely up to you. But I know that you will end up calling us back later on to add the wall cabinets, if you decide not to add them now.” That’s when Lorraine decided to go with the designs I had created for her. 

I’m so glad she did! The glass cabinet doors turned what would have been boring, plain wood into something spectacular. The glass seemed to make the room seem bigger and much more interesting. Lorraine now has a place to display her beautiful glassware and dishes.

We used HI-MACS® for the countertop. It is extremely hardwearing, durable, and easy to maintain. The color finish is called “Merapi.” Tidbits of white and grey are speckled throughout the black matte surface. It perfectly complements the black granite in the adjoining kitchen. Gary Shaffer made the solid surface countertop in the shop at Just Counters & Other Stuff.

Lorraine raved about Sam Zwack’s and Tyler Mowatt’s workmanship. She expressed how pleased she was with their knowledge and the incredible job they did. She said she had no words that could express her gratitude for all of our help and effort. Together we work as a team, and that was very evident in this project.

Without the beautiful and functional buffet, the awkward wall space in the dining room didn’t feel “done.” Now whenever Robert and Lorraine have guests for coffee or cocktails, the buffet makes the perfect beverage server. Every time they pack their table full of guests, the buffet saves the day by providing ample room on which to serve the food. And, lastly the buffet gives Lorraine a stage for an ever-changing seasonal display.

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I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone! This month Designs by Michele Rose will celebrate its first birthday. It’s been such a crazy and happy adventure. I’ve tried my best to produce stories that are useful and interesting. It’s forced me to keep experimenting and learning about everything that goes along with blogging. I’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and readership.


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