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This is one of the most beautiful transformations I’ve ever seen! That’s why I titled this real-life story “Bling-Bling.”

Myles: “I think it’s raining.”

Carolyn: “Yes, it is raining.”

Myles leaned his body forward as he strained his neck toward the living room. Then he replied, “I meant…I think it’s raining INSIDE.”

Carolyn immediately leapt up as she followed her husband into the adjoining room.

Sure enough, it was raining inside their house! Water dripped here. And there. And more in the corner. Myles and Carolyn quickly placed buckets and large bowls under numerous drip points to collect the water. Needless to say, the roof leak was extremely aggravating. Unfortunately, the leakage caused one thing that led to another. You see, the drip also penetrated into the ceiling, walls, attic, and flooring.

First our clients phoned a roofing company. Once the roof was repaired, they called a drywall company to repair the ceiling. That’s when they discovered the room had defective drywall. However, it gets even worse. Several rooms had Chinese drywall.  

When I arrived to measure the master bath, it was undoubtedly every homeowner’s worse nightmare. Buckets and bowls were still scattered all over the place. But Carolyn was optimistic. She planned to use this awful opportunity to turn her master bath into an ensuite she always dreamed of… starting from scratch.

Before After

Do you ever just want to kick back and relax after a long day by unwinding in an amazing master bathroom? Perhaps you want to soak your worries away in a soaker tub? Or maybe a large walk-in shower is more your style? Carolyn wanted all this and more.  

When the master bathroom was finally finished, Carolyn was thrilled with the outcome and couldn’t wait to show it off. After spending a few months devising and planning this master ensuite, she was so happy with how it all turned out.  

I absolutely love the transformation. It’s one of the fanciest bathrooms I’ve ever seen. The beautiful tile really makes the new bathroom shine. It is bright and beautiful and the tile is the star of this bathroom show. Carolyn’s plans for the master bathroom renovation included a lot of tile. The beautiful tile goes on the floor, all then continues up the walls, all the way to the ceiling. Since this was something Carolyn really wanted from the start, she went for it! I knew it would be a statement maker in the room and it certainly is!

Let’s look at the before pics again. I’m going to share them with the same after view as well for maximum impact. Isn’t the chandelier above the clawfoot bathtub gorgeous? And how about those gorgeous wall mounted sconces with sparkling crystals at the double vanity? Speaking of double vanity, the pair of glamourous mirrors definitely makes a “wow” factor! The mirrors reflect light, giving the impression of a larger space, and they make the room bright and elegant. I imagine the homeowner may be primping a little longer in her beautifully updated space.

Huge shout out to the team at Just Counters & Other Stuff for their part in making this room amazing.

Could you ever have imagined that the original sad little bathroom could look this gorgeous? Seriously, this is one stunning bathroom you’ll never want to leave.

Before After

Thank you for reading! Make way for 2021! New adventures are right around the corner. Wishing you a bright 2021 full of new beginnings, reimagining what’s possible, and dreaming big. Happy New Year!


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