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 If you’re new to Designs by Michele Rose, hello! I’m Michele, and I’m an interior designer living in sunny southwest Florida. In my previous posts I shared our great room and dining room. I’d now like to share with you our master bedroom, which was the third room I decorated in our home. Let me take you on a tour. Will you join me?

Now, before I let you take a peek, I need to tell you something.

First off, I can’t take all the credit for this renovation. My late first born son painted all the rooms in the entire house: ceiling, walls, baseboards and doors. And yes, you read that right, my late son. Andrew Rose died unexpectedly three years after he poured a tremendous amount of time into our home. It was truly a labor of love. Let me keep writing about the makeover because if I keep discussing my loss… I’ll become a blubbering mess.

Right from the start I knew I wanted to design our bedroom in a way that when we crossed the threshold into our master bedroom, we would feel a departure from the daily grind as we arrive in a tropical sanctuary of comfort.

I asked my son to use Behr Ivory Lace UL160-12 paint for the walls in the room, but for the long wall behind the bed I chose a darker shade. Behr Mission Hills UL170-3 was used behind the bed to put the focus where it should be. The focal point in this room is the bed itself. The gorgeous tropical poster bed happens to be my favorite thing about our master bedroom. The Palm Court bedroom set is crafted of pine solids and veneers in a warm honey finish, with a darker glaze to highlight the tropical motif. The four posts really show the tropical motif well, thanks to this glaze. The center panel on the headboard is a louver design bordered by two woven tropical panels, which makes a great focal point.

When I found the “Fiji” pattern by Croscill, I knew it was the perfect bedding, drawing inspiration from the towering pine and palm trees which surround our house. In fact, those said trees have inspired the tropical theme I used throughout our entire home. I added multiple comfy touches, most notably the pretty accent pillows, which adorn the bed.

Despite the highlight wall behind the bed, and the gorgeous tropical bed, and the beautiful comforter set…the focal point was passable. I mean everything looked okay. But it was just okay. Somehow the focal point wall felt flat, lifeless and plain, even boring. I wanted something that looked “wow,” not mediocre.

So, I brainstormed. I searched for wall-makeover ideas that I could possibly finish in one day. Instead of wallpaper, I decided to use decals. Yep, decals. I did it! It took me nine hours but the room looks nothing like it once did! I’m proud to have tackled this space completely on my own. What had been a plain room now appears regal. The tall 118-inch trees achieve a look that closely mirrors the outdoors. How much did the room-changing decals cost? Funny you should ask. Can you believe I did it for just $111, and some sweat equity? It’s now my second favorite thing in the room.

My third favorite addition to the room is this sitting area with the long window and patio doors. I snagged a great sale when I found the chair and ottoman. It was one of those “As-Is” items found in a local furniture store. There’s nothing better than having a great place to snuggle up, read a good book and drink a cup of tea. It was definitely the look and feel I was going for. Because sometimes all you need is a quiet place with a comfy chair, a good book, and a cup of tea to take you away for a little while. The best place to meditate at home is the space that you can call your own. The small monogram pillow has my name on it.

I love how the sliding glass doors give us easy access to fresh air, sunshine, and how the natural light illuminates the room. I purchased picture-perfect floor-to-ceiling window treatments with grommet-tops right off the shelf. The drapery panels have a triple weave blackout fabric which helps insulate the room against Florida’s summer heat and occasional winter chill. I wish I could take credit for the cascade Roman shades, but I’m just not that talented. Instead I purchased extra drapery panels and hired Gail Merrick, a talented seamstress, to sew them. The room-darkening curtains are a game changer for me. Being deaf I don’t sleep well when light seeps into a room. These draperies create the ambiance of night by eliminating exposure to natural daytime light.

Two finishing touches were added: a trio of hand carved wooden seagulls and a wall-mounted jewelry armoire. Nothing makes me happier than waking up in the morning and seeing the seagulls in flight. As for the jewelry armoire, I used to have a woodworking shop in my previous home in Ohio. My favorite pastime was building things with my clever father, John Rose. I will always treasure this DIY armoire that we built together.

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What’s the best part about our Master Bedroom? The room makes my hubby and me feel like we’ve entered our own private resort.

Thank you for coming along on the tour.


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