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A Much-Needed Revision

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Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy, folks – you’re going to love this renovation!

Before a busy family of five moved into a charming 1993 large custom built home in a residential neighborhood, the homeowners knew it needed work. But Vinny and Nicole, both working professionals, liked the fact the house was conveniently located close to hospitals and minutes away from the Port Charlotte Town Center Mall. Plus, there was an oversized garage, a fenced-in yard with a shed and some fruit trees. One of the aspects that had sealed the deal for the clients to purchase the home was that it had two master suites!

After waiting patiently for 14-years of living in the home, Nicole finally had the opportunity to turn to Just Counters & other stuff, inc. to help her transform their kitchen and to bring it out of the 21st century. As you can imagine, it was in dire need of an update. The former unimpressive space had outdated elements like builder-grade cabinets, and overhead soffits with fluorescent lights. The aqua color laminate countertops screamed “I’m out-of-date.” Nicole wanted to make better use of the small kitchen closet formerly used as a pantry.

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On the day of the in-home consultation Nicole asked me to help her update her kitchen into a place that would suit her active family. She wanted the room transformed into the kitchen of her dreams—one that’s equal parts stylish and family-friendly. One of things we discussed was coming up with a smart layout to take advantage of the limited space available. She longed to “open up” her kitchen just enough so that she could see into the family room. In her vision, Nicole saw a kitchen island. And in my designer’s eye, I saw a round dining room table in the dinette area to make every meal feel cozier, instead of the existing bulky oblong table. Vinny and Nicole did have a firm requirement: to keep the existing floor tiles. The homeowners wanted to do away with the arches in the hallway and arched doorway which led to the split floorplan. 

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I used 2020 design software to walk our clients through three proposed layouts. By taking out part of the hallway/kitchen wall, I was able to show them how it would offer better sightlines to the family room. The power of 3D renderings gave the Vinny and Nicole a sense of comfort because they could see what it could actually look like. I wanted to give the wonderful homeowners different options for the new kitchen. I wanted them to take into account all of the important factors in kitchen design:  Traffic flow, maximizing storage, functionality, minimizing clutter, and of course… aesthetics.

The new kitchen they decided on has double the square footage of cabinet space than what the original room had. From the beginning Vinny and Nicole knew they wanted crisp white cabinets on the perimeter to give their kitchen a modern flair. And they chose “Black Magic” for the color of the island. The two colors complemented the floor tiles.  For countertops, Nicole chose Pompeii quartz. The color is Thazos.

We removed the closet, and then installed tall pantries on both sides of the refrigerator, to transform an awkward, unused wall. Nicole made one of those pantries into a super smart coffee station using the bank of roll out trays for quick and easy access. With the coffee station off to one side, anyone can linger over there without getting in the way of traffic flow. During electrical rough-ins (when the electrician ran the wires) Nicole had them add an outlet into the coffee bar cabinet, so all the cords are contained and out of sight.

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The quartz-topped island has 2 three-drawer cabinets; one facing the range and the other facing the family room. This island was all about function since it was intended for food prep and doesn’t accommodate stools. Since there wasn’t any light sources over the island in the previous space, we added a pendant. This functional kitchen also has plenty of recessed lights, under cabinet lights, and even toe kick illumination.

Remember what the kitchen looked like before? You can see in the “before” photos what the kitchen looked like previously. It was rather boring with its builder grade cabinets and out-of-date countertops. If you look at the photos in the “wheel” you’ll see the old kitchen space in all of its messy glory during demo and how the construction progressed. It’s kinda hard to believe what the kitchen used to look like! This new kitchen truly reflects the style and personality of the homeowners!

The end result, you ask? Nothing short of a total transformation of this 1993 kitchen, bringing it solidly into 2022! Although functionality was at the top of the clients’ list, the overall design delivered on style, too. I love this new kitchen! I love that Nicole can be prepping at the island or cooking and see into the family room.

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I’d like to thank the team at Just Counters for their outstanding work! Everyone knows that it takes a special talent to do this work and Bill Daniels and Sam Zwack excel at it. They’re on top of everything and it did not go unnoticed.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project or just want to explore the possibilities, give our award-winning design team at Just Counters & other stuff a call. We’re always happy to talk to you about our process and explore the possibilities!

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And that’s all for now, folks. See you in two weeks.


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